20th Anniversary Trip of a Lifetime to Maui

by Karen Harp
(Norwood, MO)

Love this shot--looks pretty good for a cheap camera sitting on a rock to take timer shot!!

Love this shot--looks pretty good for a cheap camera sitting on a rock to take timer shot!!

Meeting my husband at 16 yrs old wasn't what I had planned, as I am sure Alan (at 23) wasn't looking for an under age stalker! But that is how it happened, here in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Fast forward through life, 3 children, working hard to make our way just from day to day.

Saving quarters, yes, 25cents at time, we make a vow to visit Maui for our 20th anniversary, thinking we had years to save, we could make this happen.. We had never been on an airplane together!!

Then my mother's mother is ill, out of state.. She passes away in 2003, then, in a horrid twist of fate, just a year after mourning WITH my mother, my own Mom is stricken with cancer and we start the long goodbye..... My quarters seem to go to gas for doctors visits, or just long roadtrips listening to Roger Miller with my momma..... As I say goodbye, my Alan draws near to me and holds me up.. I had forgotten to save quarters, it didn't matter, how could life go on?

Flash forward to just nearly time for our trip, my dear husband has made this happen, I don't know how, it doesn't matter--we are making the trip!

We toured the isle for 7 short days, spending very little time at our condo... We snorkeled in isolated places, barefoot walked on black sand beaches, hitting the brakes each time we saw a pull off spot along the road--knowing that there were secrets along some hidden pathway nearby.. We filled up our gas tank over and over-- using our rental minivan as a changing room and more ;)

As we enjoyed the long flight home, my darling husband vowed that we would return for our 25th anniversary... That will be next November... I forgot to save quarters, but somehow, some way... we shall return to the place where I left my heart---MAUI

Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for sharing your story and the great pictures!

So glad to hear you had such a wonderful time in Maui. I'll cross my fingers for you that you get back there this year for your 25th! November is an awesome time to go - late enough in the year to miss some of the cold weather back home, but early enough that it's not quite high season yet so condo rentals and hotel rooms are usually less expensive.


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