A Blessing

by Bob Snowden
(Tulsa, Ok)

Some years ago, we were driving the road to Hana. Back then, instead of the smooth pavement of today, the road was very washboarded and bumpy. By the time you made Hana you really HAD accomplished something just by surviving.

On this day, it was fairly rainy. That of course makes for good results in the waterfall department.

We'd stopped at one of the trails that led to a waterfall. It was raining of course. I'd gone ahead to get a better picture of the falls while my wife stayed behind a bit.

While she was waiting, my wife struck up a conversation with a local. They talked about the rain, and he said something that we loved and has stuck with us to this day.

He called the rain a blessing. Such a simple thing. Yet so true and so profound.

Hi Bob,

I like it. Simple, and like you said, so true!

Thanks for sharing!


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