A New Perspective on a Maui Beach

by Liz
(Montreal, QC, Canada)

A View of Molokini from Wedding Beach<br>(Photo courtesy of Dreamstime.com)

A View of Molokini from Wedding Beach
(Photo courtesy of Dreamstime.com)

A horrible break-up, a job I hated, a cold winter, and a social life that would put you to sleep.

These are the things I had to brag about at Christmas in 2009. My luck changed the day my godmother (not a fairy, but she could very well be one) called me to say that they had an extra room at the condo they were going to stay at in Maui and would I like to come?

I jumped at the chance! I visited my best friend in LA for New Year's Eve and from there left for Maui. When I landed in Honolulu it felt like any other airport, that is until I walked through the hallway to the local charter flights and was hit by a wave of heat and this unbelievable smell. It rolled around on my palate like honey, so sweet and warm. I felt my shoulders drop and I inhaled for what felt like the first time in months.

Once I landed in Maui, I waited for my lift to arrive and watched the sunset over the beautiful mountains, I was intoxicated. The colors seemed more vibrant, the air more pure, and the energy emanating from that island was unmatched.

We would go to a new Maui beach every day, and halfway through the trip we found a small beach far down the island past Wailea and I was in love. I sat in the center of a lava rock and thought about all that I had been through to get me to this moment. The breakup, the overtime, the measly pay cheques, and I realized that all of it was irrelevant. This was my life! I was done waiting for it to happen to me and I was going to start making things happen! I decided to start online dating, to start sending my resume out more aggressively, and to take my life back.

As I sat on that Maui beach, watching the water roll in and out, the warm sun heated my skin while the wind soothed me simultaneously. I realized that I was exactly where I needed to be. And I knew, in that very moment, that my whole life was about to change. I would meet the man I was going to marry that year, I would get the job I wanted, my life would be the life I wanted and not just the one I was given.

A few days later, I was chatting with a local resident and telling him about my experience on that beach. He told me that they call that particular Maui beach "Wedding Beach" since so many weddings take place there. I realized I had been sitting on the very spot that hundreds of couples had promised themselves to each other and started their life together!

Today, 2 years later, I am planning my next trip to Maui- this time with the love of my life, whom I met 2 months after coming home from Maui. That beach's energy, the love and the hope that are in that spot today still resonate with me as I write this.

When people speak of the power of Maui and the Hawaiian islands, I tell them that they have to go there to understand. You may not come back a totally different person, but you will be changed for the better by having experienced life on that island.

Hi Liz,

What a fabulous story - I'm so glad that you found what you were looking for! Maui will be a great spot for a couples vacation - please come back here afterwards and let us know how everything goes with your trip!

Thanks so much for sharing!


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