Looking for the Best Pool in Maui?
Check out the Grand Wailea Hotel!

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Swimming pool and lazy river Grand Wailea Resort Hotel Maui

People always ask which resort has the best pool in Maui.

Without a doubt, the Grand Wailea Hotel could easily have THE best pool in Maui - for sure it's the ultimate in all of South Maui's resorts - I checked them out and no-one has a pool area that even comes close.

Would you believe they have over NINE swimming pools?

And believe me, they make very good use of them all!

The Best Pool in Wailea Maui

Their activity pool is freaking amazing. Seriously. You've gotta see it! Its nine pools are connected by a series of waterslides, winding rivers and rapids that wind through stone grottos and jungle themes. It has six levels ranging from sea level all the way up to 40 feet high.

They've got waterslides and rapids...

Picture of rapids at the Grand Wailea Hotel pool

Like waterfalls? Go ahead and swim under one of the 6 waterfalls here...

Picture of waterfall and grotto bar at the Grand Wailea Hotel pool in Maui, Hawaii

Can you believe they've even made their very own man-made baby beach? Here, little ones can get that beach experience without any worries about being toppled over by a big wave. Very cool!

Picture of the man-made Baby Beach at the Grand Wailea Hotel swimming pool..

Older adventurers can swing like Tarzan into the Tarzan pool with a rope swing...

Picture of the tarzan swing at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui,.Hawaii.

Thirsty? Hungry? Be sure to check out their uber-cool swim-up grotto bar and restaurant... Munch on their Asian Chicken Crispy Tacos, or maybe an Eisenburg Hotdog as you sip on a Mango Pinada. Mmmmm...

Picture of the swim-up Grotto Bar and Restaurant in Maui, Hawaii.

And that's not everything that makes the Grand Wailea Hotel's pool by far one of the best swimming pools in Maui. To be the best, there has to be more than just all kinds of bells and whistles for the adventurous.

There has to be just the right thing for those that want peace, quiet and relaxation...

The Hibiscus pool, with it's beautiful hibiscus mosaic tile bottom, is almost 5000 square feet and reserved for adults only.

Picture of the Hibiscus Pool at the Grand Wailea Resort.

You won't see kids tearing around here, no shrieks and hollers, no rowdy splashing about either... nothing but beauty and tranquility in the Maui sunshine. In the unlikely event that you catch a chill, there is a lovely adults-only jacuzzi here where you can relax to the sounds of bubbling water and the relaxing sounds of the distant surf.

And of course, no swimming pool could possibly be the best if they left you with nothing but lounge chairs. Lounge chairs are fine and all, but what if you want to feel a bit more pampered?

The luxurious cabanas at the Grand Wailea Hotel are sure to make you feel pampered. They are available both at the activity pool and at the adults-only Hibiscus Pool.

Picture of the poolside cabanas at the Grand Wailea Hotel.

The Grand Wailea Hotel and Spa

Grand Wailea Hotel grounds

This award-winning property is a great choice if you want to be pampered and well taken care of on your Maui vacations!

They offer great dining at on-site restuarants such as "Humu Humu" and world-class amenities, including the Spa Grande, the "Top Hotel Spa in Hawaii." And of course, the rooms and suites are beautiful!

Read more about the Grand Wailea Hotel...

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