Save on Hawaian Activities with the A3H Gold Card!

The A3H Gold Card can be a great way to save on your Hawaiian activities (especially Maui activities!) if you like to book directly from the activity provider.

The way it works is you purchase the card, it's good for 1 year and up to 4 people. It allows you access to exclusive discounts on Maui attractions, as well as Hawaiian activities on the other islands, that are only available to A3H Gold Card holders or Hawaii residents.

Although Maui activities providers and those on the other Hawaiian islands may offer discounts elsewhere, the A3H Gold Card (Link will open in new window.) claims that 99.9% of the time, the A3H discount is the lowest price available. (I did some spot checks, and from what I can tell this is true.) At the time of this writing, this discount card costs $30.

There are 2 ways to save on your Hawaii and Maui attractions with this card...

50% OFF Tickets for Hawaiian Activities

The best way to save on your Hawaii and Maui activities is via the 50% off tickets. Some of the A3H Gold Card activity providers and attractions release a small number of these tickets on the first of every month, which are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. These awesome deals are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Tip: Since these particular Hawaii and Maui activities tickets are limited, my advice is to purchase your A3H gold card months in advance of your trip to maximize your chances of getting some of these steeply discounted tickets. On the 1st of every month leading up to your trip, shop for the 50% off tickets - if you see the ones you want, book them right away! Tickets you want are sold out? No problem - just try again next month! At the time of this writing, you can purchase up to 4 tickets per person, per Hawaii or Maui attraction, per month.

One last tidbit of info on these super deals: A3H Gold Card members gain access to the 50% off tickets at noon HST on the first of the month. Before noon HST on the first of the month, only Hawaii residents have access to the 50% off Hawaii and Maui activities tickets.

50% OFF Tickets for Maui Activities and Maui Attractions

(current at the time of this writing)

  • America II Sailing
  • Temptation Tours Hana Picnic Tour
  • Blue Water Rafting
  • Boss Frog Trip to Molokini and Turtle Town
  • Friendly Charters Snorkel at Molokini and Turtle Town
  • Start Me Up Fishing Charter
  • Trilogy Discover Molokini Snorkel or Discover Lanai Snorkel
  • Reef Dancer Glass Bottom Boat
  • Maui Theater
  • Shaka Divers 1 hour dive
  • Maui Tropical Plantation Tram Tour
  • Maui Classic Charters
  • Sunshine Helicopters Hana and Haleakala aerial tour (We went on this tour - their Maui helicopter tours are fantastic!)
  • West Maui Parasail along the Lahaina Coast
  • Pony Express ride through the historic Haleakala Ranch
  • Valley Isle Excursions Hana Tour with over 4 hours worth of stops!
  • Kapalua Kai Sailing and Snorkeling
  • Lahaina Cruise Company West Maui Sunset Cocktail Cruise
  • Kapalua Adventure Ziplines
  • Shoreline Snuba

And of course, there are also 50% off tickets available for Hawaiian activities on the Big Island (1 activity), Kaui (2 activities) and Oahu (11 activities). Since this could change without my being aware of it, check out the A3H Gold Card's site (Link will open in new window.) for the most current information on available discounts for Hawaii and Maui attractions.

If you'd like to check out the available 50% off tickets for yourself, here is what you need to do:

  • Go to the A3H Gold Card website, (Link will open in new window.)
  • Click on "Activities," then choose one (any one will do for now.)
  • Click the "Book Now" button. (Don't worry... this doesn't mean you have to book that Hawaii or Maui attraction... you're just using that button to get onto their main activity booking site where you can view the 50% off tickets!)
  • You'll now be on the Hawaii Fun site. Click on "50% off tickets" (located on the navigation menu across the top of the webpage) and scroll down: you'll see the listing of all of the 50% off tickets that are released each month. You can even see which tickets are still available!

Buy the A3H Gold Card Hawaii and Maui Attractions Discounts
(Link will open in new window.)

But the discounts don't end there...

More Hawaiian Activities Discounts for Everyone!

With the Hawaii and Maui activities discounts I'll be telling you about next, it's like purchasing tickets as usual, except you get a discount! No worries about a short supply of tickets as with the 50% off ones.

If you go to the A3H Gold Card website, (Link will open in new window.) you can click on "Activities" to browse their listings. You'll see tons of Hawaiian activities listed there (lots of Maui activities specifically!) To find out specifics on the Hawaii or Maui attraction that interests you, click the "Book Now" button. On the next screen, click on the yellow "Goldcard Coupon" button to find out the exact details of the A3H discount offer.

Note: When browsing through the A3H Gold Card prices for various activities, I was curious as to what the price would be if I just went directly to the activity provider's website and booked there. It turns out that in most of the cases I checked, although the A3H gold card discount is indeed the lowest price, you can still get close to the same discount if you book on-line directly from the activity provider, or from a discount broker such as Barefoot Tours

So why should you buy the A3H Gold Card for your Hawaiian activities then?

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in some of the Hawaii and Maui activities for which the 50% off tickets are available, and you can purchase the card several months in advance, then that will likely make the A3H gold card a great deal for you.

Buy the A3H Gold Card for Hawaii and Maui Activities Discounts
(Link will open in new window.)

What if you aren't interested in any of the 50% off tickets? In that case, the A3H Gold Card will likely only be worth your while if you plan on booking a LOT of Hawaiian activities. That small additional discount above and beyond what anyone can get booking direct without the card can add up fast if you're going to go to a lot of Hawaii and Maui attractions!

If not, then I think booking tickets for Hawaii and Maui attractions with Barefoot Tours is the next best thing. (Link will open in new window.)

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