Health and New Love on a Maui Vacation

by Jerry Lindsey
(Phoenix, AZ.)

Photo taken off the Road to Hana

Photo taken off the Road to Hana

Hi, my name is Jerry I'm 55 residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Last year i was diagnosed with prostate cancer and battled it for awhile, now cancer free. Shortly after, I developed Parkinsons and had my world turned upside down. I went into months of depression and lost my job and nearly lost my wife because of all that was going on. Thank god she stood by me I don't think I could have gone on without her. So we decided to go to Maui and renew our wedding vows. We figured because my illness was progressing very fast that it might be our last great vacation, of which we've had many. Shortly after arriving in Maui, maybe three days after getting there, something magical happened to me. My health started to get better each day and in 5 days I was doing things I had not done in years. For instance, I dove off several waterfalls in Hana. I felt like a human being for the first time in a long time. I went from hardly walking to diving and hiking and running. I'm not really a religious person but something happened there that neither I nor may doctor can explain. I hope we can go back again soon - maybe next year if we can afford it. I'm in love again with my wonderful wife and the new life Maui has given me. This disease takes and takes not just physically but mentally and financially. Thanks for hearing my story, just wanted to share some wonderful moments of our Maui vacation.

P.S. have lots of fantastic photos just don't know how to get them in computer. Not sending to win any contest just to let others hear my story. thank you so much for listening.

Hi Jerry,

I really appreciate your sharing this story - so happy to hear what Maui has done for you! It must feel fantastic to have come so far with your health!


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health in maui
by: Anonymous

great story every time i read it makes me cry 5 stars

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