Lahaina, Maui has the Largest Tree I've Ever Seen in my Entire Life!

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I know what you're thinking... a large tree in Lahaina, Maui... big deal...

But this tree isn't big like most large trees... this tree is mutant-sized... this tree is a banyan that covers over 2/3's of an acre, is over 60 feet high, and has 16 tree trunks!

Yes, you read that right... SIXTEEN tree trunks for ONE tree!

This impressive arboreal specimen is known as the Courthouse Square banyan tree - it's a well-known West Maui landmark that can be found off Front Street. 

As with many of our other good finds in Lahaina, we stumbled upon this tree by accident, while driving around trying to find a parking spot. On our way back to our rental car, we stopped here to look around a bit, and were stunned when we realized that what we had thought was a whole bunch of trees was in actuality ONE SINGLE TREE. We'd never seen anything like this in our entire lives!

Do you see this pic?

Banyan Tree Park in Lahaina, Maui

It looks like a whole bunch of trees, right? Now that you've seen this, I'm sure you can understand the amazement we felt upon realizing that it was only ONE tree. The roots drape down from the immense spread of branches, take root in the ground below, and sprout up a new tree trunk - this process has repeated itself so many times that the tree now fills up an entire city block!

Banyan Tree roots

It's hard to believe that back when this tree was imported from India in 1873, it was only 8 feet high.

Courtyard Square Banyan Tree

This remarkable tree even forms a great little city park - there are park benches scattered in the shade beneath its branches, making this a great spot to take a break from the heat on your Maui vacation.

Map and Directions to Courthouse Square Banyan Tree in Lahaina

It's located on Front Street, between Hotel Street and Canal Street. It literally takes up the entire block, so you definitely won't miss it if you come here.

You'll see the exact location on the map below - it's the purple tree icon.

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