Magical Maui

by Valerie Sirvis
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

Sunset Torch Lighting

Sunset Torch Lighting

Maui holds such spectacular beauty from it's lush, green, stunning mountains to its vibrant sapphire blue seas. It's a world that smells both fresh and crisp, as the winds blow delicate petals, spinning gently in the air. There is no place as special as Maui and the incredible gifts she holds, to share with each one of us, the adventurous and the bold. There is tangible strength in Haleakala and serenity on each shore; symphonies sung from little birds, and oh so much more. Maui you are magical, magical you are!

Whale watching on Maui can not be compared, sail out on a catamaran and enjoy the wild show! Zipline at Haleakala will make your heart skip a beat, as you laugh all the way. Two of my my favorite little gems to dine in Lahaina are Mala's and Star Noodle, wonderful cuisine in small, quaint restaurants. Capishe in Wailea is perfect for a romantic, sunset dinner on the lanai, peering below are it's scenic Japanese gardens. I lay myself to sleep at the beautiful Four Seasons Wailea and lively Sheraton Kaanapali ;)

Hi Valerie!

Thanks so much for sharing all of this! I agree with everything you've said! We thought whale watching on Maui and ziplining on Haleakala were absolutely amazing - I haven't tried the restaurants that you mentioned yet, but I've heard great things about all of them, and your recommending them makes me want to check them out even more!


How about everyone else? What makes Maui magical or special to YOU?

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Buying Art, Maui Style!

by Judy,
Novato, CA, USA

On our last trip to Maui, my husband and I decided to explore Upcountry on a Saturday afternoon. We found a small church holding a sale with local artists. We found two beautiful original fish prints, signed by the artist. She was at the table and invited us back to her home and artist's studio that evening so she could have the prints properly framed. Now that is what I call the style, hospitality, and caring nature of the people of Maui.

Hi Judy!

Thanks for sharing your story!

Maui is an awesome place to find beautiful art... and it's SO cool when you're able to meet the artist in person! I think it makes the artwork an extra-special addition to your home when you actually KNOW the person who created it.


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