Maui Botanical Gardens:
The Tropical Gardens of Maui

The "Tropical Gardens of Maui" botanical gardens boasts 4 acres of perfectly maintained tropical paradise, located near the entrance to Iao Valley State Park. The gardens feature exotic tropical plants not only from Maui, but from all over the world. Since I love to see all things tropical, I couldn't resist a trip to explore this beautiful place! There are nice wide pathways throughout the gardens, so it makes for an easy scenic walk.

If you plan ahead and bring along a picnic lunch, you can enjoy it at one of the picnic tables scattered throughout the gardens. I don't think you'll find a nicer place to enjoy a picnic!

Also, if you can't resist shopping, they even have a little gift shop that you can browse in, or, if you're a plant collector, you can purchase one of their many tropical plants from their greenhouse.

I must apologize for the lack of pictures here! The next time I go back to the "Tropical Gardens of Maui," I promise to take LOTS of pictures and post the best of them here for everyone to see! So for now, you'll just have to take my word for it that these gardens are stunningly gorgeous!

If you like botanical gardens like these, you might also want to check out the Iao Valley State Park Maui Botanical Gardens. They have a totally different feel compared to the Tropical Gardens of Maui, so it's worth the time to see them both!

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