Maui, Hawaii: My Favorite Place in the Whole World

by Heidi Bennett
(Crestview, FL USA)

Then- Maui Marriott Pool with my Grandma

Then- Maui Marriott Pool with my Grandma

My grandmother took me to Maui as a child and I fell in love. I dreamed of being a Marine biologist and moving to Maui. As a Junior in college I even visited the University of Hawaii and was set on attending, until I met Lucas...

Lucas turned my world upside down ( in a good way). I changed everything I ever wanted because I now wanted a life with him. So rather than attending the University of Hawaii I moved to North Dakota with him and became a fisheries biologist (pretty close).

Well after we had been dating a year we took a trip with my family to Maui and were visiting Whaler's Village, browsing the jewelry shops with my mom. Well I found a ring that matched a necklace my grandmother had gotten me long ago at Na Hoku and decided to try it on. Little did I know that Lucas went back 30 minutes later and bought the ring. He was so excited he couldn't wait and proposed in our hotel room later that night before our horseback riding trip. How perfect the man of my dreams proposed to me with a whales tale ring in my favorite place in the whole world.

We ended up honeymooning in Maui as well ( I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!!). Four years in the military and two kids later, this June marks our five year anniversary. Maui has left me with some of the most memorable moments with the most important people in my life and I still dream that maybe one day I could call it home.


Hi Heidi!

What a cool story! Funny you should mention the marine biologist thing... made me remember that I used to dream about that too. Growing up on the prairies as I did, being a marine biologist sounded so exciting and exotic to me back then! It still does actually! Like you, I picked an alternate career, although mine ended up having nothing to do with biology.

I loved the pics you attached - so cool to see you as a girl with your grandmother visiting Maui, and then here you are married and on your honeymoon in Maui - that's SO awesome! (and that's a beautiful ring too, by the way!)


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Great Story!
by: Angela

What a great story! Congratulations on your 5-year wedding anniversary!

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