Maui Vacation Turns to Maui Relocation??

by R. Kalei P.
(Honolulu, HI)

On a trip with my friend meeting me in Honolulu for a short stay over, then over to Maui for another short stay I had an interesting experience with a friend. Paul who is from Florida gave me a call saying that he wanted to spend a few weeks out here so I figured it was a good idea. Paul and I spent a few days in Honolulu catching up with other buddies before flying over to Maui - nothing really eventful as Honolulu seems to be Paul's least favorite of places.

Anyway, we were at a hole in da wall eatery and I opted for the standard chicken katsu plate lunch. Paul isn't too familiar with some of the items like lau lau, kalua pig, etc. so he turns to a wahine next to us (cute by the way!) and he strikes up a conversation. Paul ends up getting...the squid luau, lol. He didn't eat much, guess Floridians aren't used to eatng food that looks like the "swamp" as Paul calls it. I say bahh!

We got the wahine's number and hung out a couple times with her friends that week. I was ready to fly back home but Paul hasn't left since! It's been nearly 2 years and he's now engaged to the girl we met who made Paul eat the swamp, haha! He's buying a home near Lahaina soon - don't know how he'll afford it. But he's a great guy so I don't worry.

The girl is cute, but I now call her "swamp thing" whenever I visit. The things guys do for the girl, eat swamp, move across the country...we're in trouble.


Love your story! Awesome that not only did he move to beautiful Maui, but met a great girl at the same time! You have to love an ending like that!


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