Old Movie Night

by Linda

This past Christmas we finally found an 8mm projector to use to see old family movies from 50 years ago. My mother now 93 years, myself (age unknown) and my children sat down to discover what was on the old reels.

We had a great time watching myself do the hula on a boat near Maui. We were enchanted by the island itself as we viewed photos of the Maui Sheraton where we stayed but most of all the birds of paradise and all kinds of vivid colourful flowers. It was an exotic vacation, perfect for us who like to garden and admire the gorgeous scenery of lush green fields with blooming flowers everywhere, lush fruit and postcard picture pretty beaches.

What memories we had of our trip to paradise and now we cant wait to transfer our films to dvd version to share with all of our family. We had so much fun seeing our young and sun-kissed selves from the early 60s while a snowy blizzard howled outside the house. Maui has it all, truly a jewel for tourists!

Hi Linda!

It must have so cool to see Maui way back then... my grandparents went to Hawaii countless times, and I would have loved to see what Hawaii looked like back when they were there... I wonder how much it might have changed since then...


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