Our Wedding

by Gerry(Gerald)
(Langley, BC, Canada)

Our daughter was getting married in Maui. I suggested to Chris, my lady of many years that we might think of getting married on Maui about the same time.

A year later Chris emailed me "The answer is yes. Do you remember the question?"

We did not tell our respective families that WE planned on getting married, however everyone was invited to Nicole's wedding.

Just after arriving in Maui, Chris & I approached the minister of the 'green' church in Maui, regarding getting married at his church, which we had attended when ever we were in Kihei. Our preferred date was February 14, the same day we met back in 1975, expecting that the date would be filled. We were surprised and pleased to find that our Valentine's wedding was a go. Unfortunately none of our family showed up, due to work commitments, so the night before, we asked Dave & Nicole to meet us at our hotel at a certain time.

Nicole thought something was up, so they showed up, and we took them to church as our best man and matron of honour.

It was a blustery day, so the minister chose to marry us in the church so we wouldn't get blown away.

Nicole, when she returned to Canada phoned everyone saying "I know something you don't know!" She proceeded to tell everyone we had tied the knot!

We always enjoyed Maui, and now more than ever!

Hi Gerry,

What a cool story! Congrats on getting married - I can't think of a better place than Maui for a wedding!


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