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Grand Wailea Luau group hula performance.

If a mix of the traditional and unique appeals to you, then keep reading - the Grand Wailea Luau is unlike any other on the island, and it could be the highlight of your trip! 

The show is called the "Grand Luau at Honoa'ula" and it's ideally located if you're staying Central or South Maui. 

In addition to the traditional hula dances and dizzying fire-knife finale, you'll also see a whimsical cirque-du-soleil-inspired performance and the parachute hula.

Pretend You're There Right Now and Take a Look Around With Me...

Upon our arrival, we were escorted to our table by a friendly hostess. After we settled in, we had some time before the show started to wander around a bit as we sipped on our cocktails from the open bar.

There were several tables selling jewelry, carvings and clothing items.

Souvenir table at the Grand Wailea Luau

There was also a games station where you could learn to play traditional Hawaiian games, plus a cool tattoo station for kids.

TIP: Speaking of kids, if you book the standard seating, be sure to check if they still offer 1 free child under 5 years old with each paying adult. It makes for a nice saving!

Grand Wailea Luau Review - Let's Eat!

Grand Wailea Luau Buffet

Before the show starts, everyone gets their turn at the large buffet.

I filled my plate with loads of awesome:

  • shoyu chicken (this sweet sticky meaty goodness is one of my favourite dishes!)
  • tender teriyaki grilled steak (more yum!)
  • kalua pork (a must-eat dish for me, every time!)
  • macaroni salad
  • green salad, vegetable dishes and fresh island fruit (ha, my attempts at being a bit healthier)

I topped it off with a tender fresh roll spread with macadamia nut butter. Mmmmm!

There were so many choices, that I'm quite certain even the pickiest of eaters won't leave hungry.

Other items on the menu that night included:

  • Ahi Poke
  • Lomi-Lomi Salmon
  • Poi
  • assorted salads
  • sweet potatoes with guava syrup and macadamia nut butter
  • macadamia-crusted Mahi-Mahi in a coconut-lime sauce
  • stir-fried vegies
  • Chow Fun (vegies and pork dish)
  • island style fried rice.

And did I have room for dessert? Not really, but I packed it in anyways! The dessert table was filled with sweet treats:

  • chocolate brownies
  • coconut cake
  • pineapple upside-down cake
  • traditional Hawaiian Haupia (a coconut pudding of sorts
  • guava mousse

And now, if you have room, you can have another cocktail, beer or glass of wine... or if you need a hit of caffeine so that full belly doesn't put you to sleep, you can order a cup of complimentary coffee or tea.

Since I know you didn't come here just for the food, let's get on to what to expect from the show, shall we?

Grand Wailea Luau Review - The Show

Grand Wailea Luau Female Hula Dancers

The show was about an hour long, and very well done. There are a series of scenes telling short stories from Hawaiian legend and history.  Plus, unique on the island, a cirque-de-soleil-style performance that involves literally swinging from a palm tree!  Brave girl, the one who did that!

Cirque-style performance at the Grand Wailea Luau
Cirque-style performance at the Grand Wailea Luau

We see the Tahitians travel across the Pacific as they migrated to the Hawaiian islands, which is followed by the dream hula (a solo hula dancer performs a dreamy dance in a beautiful costume of reflective shells).

Grand Wailea Luau hula
Grand Wailea Luau hula

There is the warrior's dance depicting the strength of the ruling chief, Kahekili, and his men.

warrior dance

Pele's Voyage and the story of the Mo'o (a mythical lizard) was very entertaining.

Pele's Story hula

There was a fun depiction of sailors flirting with the Hawaiian hula dancers, followed by the parachute-hula:

parachute hula

Last, but not least, the fire knife performance featuring Maui's 3-time winner of the World Fire Knife Competition showing off his skills during a dizzying finale!

Fire Knife Dancer at the Grand Wailea Luau

Grand Wailea Luau Review - Insider Seating Tips

At the time we attended the Grand Luau at Honua'ula, they had 4 rows of round tables set up, with each table seating 10 guests. The first 2 rows of tables were the "premium seating."

Grand Wailea Luau Seating

On the night we attended, whoever had booked the premium seating AND arrived first would get the best of the premium seating (ex. front row, center). If you arrived last, you would get the worst of the premium seating, even if you had booked a long time in advance.

So, the only way to make sure you get the very best seats in whatever category you booked is to arrive nice and early!  (This applies to both regular and premium seating.)

Grand Wailea Luau Map and Directions

It's easy to find!  Head south of Kihei into Wailea, and you'll find the resort just off Wailea Alanui Drive.  Play around with the zoom function on the map below to get a big picture view.

Where to Get a Low Price Guarantee for Grand Wailea Luau Tickets

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