Maui Discount Car Rental:
How YOU Can Get One and Save BIG

Even if The Major Travel Sites and the Car Rental Companies Themselves Show the Cheapest Ones are Sold Out!

I was looking for Maui discount car rentals and our trip was coming up fast. I searched everywhere for reputable discount car rentals in Maui and finally found a huge deal that saved me over $600!

Read on to find out how to get a steal of a deal on your car rental in Maui, even though the major travel sites and the car rental companies themselves show the cheapest ones are sold out.

What I'm about to share with you works for economy cars, luxury cars, minivans, SUV's... pretty much any kind of typical car rental in Maui.

Priceline Rental Cars up to 40% off Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz & more.

Check this out: I wanted to rent a mini-van for our Maui vacation. One year away from our trip, the cheapest 28-day mini-van rental that I could find on-line was just over $1000 U.S. Foolishly, I didn't snap that up while I had the chance and the next time I checked, that inexpensive mini-van was sold out, and the next cheapest option was through another company for just under $1500 U.S.!

I didn't want to spend that much, so I ended up booking a much less expensive large car rental in Maui instead. However, since I knew I could still cancel my current reservation without penalty, I figured it might be worth it to keep looking for a better deal... maybe I'd find a discounted price on that mini-van I wanted after all... But two months away from our trip, the major travel sites had a 28 day mini-van rental for anywhere from $1684 U.S. to $2072 U.S. Ouch!

Maui Discount Car Rentals: How to Find a Steal of a Deal on a Car Rental in Maui

So what's a traveler seeking discount car rentals in Maui to do?

You go to a site that promises discounts of up to 40% off. You go to a site that is so confident in their pricing that they guarantee you'll book a big deal! And of course, you go to a site that has a great reputation and years of experience in helping travelers like us find that big deal on a car rental in Maui!

So, I fired up the laptop in my kitchen, and went to - I used their "Name Your Own Price" service to bid on a minivan in Maui. I ended up getting my mini-van for only $1066.32 U.S. (all taxes and fees included) Now, as you may recall, the major travel sites were all serving up 28-day minivan rentals for $1684 U.S. to $2072 U.S.


Yep... you could say I was little excited by this. I may have even let out a loud whoop of delight and done a happy dance right then and there! (much to the astonishment of my little boys!)

Ya know that $1684 lowest price on the major travel sites? Guess what? That was for the same minivan rental from the same company that I got from Priceline by naming my own price.

So, if you're in the market for a Maui discount car rental, (or a mini-van, or an SUV or whatever), I HIGHLY recommend you check out Priceline and "Name Your Own Price!" Before you know it, YOU might be doing a little happy dance of your own!

Priceline Rental Cars up to 40% off Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz & more.

NOTE: When you get to the Priceline site, make sure you select the "Name Your Own Price" option as THAT is where you'll find the biggest savings on a car rental in Maui. Priceline also lets you search for Maui discount car rentals using a search box like all of the other travel sites, but you aren't likely to save much that way!

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