Pipiwai Trail: Pictures from Our Day with Hike Maui!

Our trek on the Pipiwai Trail with Hike Maui was one of the most memorable hikes I've ever been on, and yielded some GREAT Maui pictures! Everywhere we looked, there was nothing but beauty.

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Here are a few of our favourite Maui pictures from that day.

Jungle Treetops...

Maui picture of jungle treetops and greenery covered cliffs along the Pipiwai Trail as we hiked with Hike Maui When we came to this part of the trail, everything opened up before us and we were able to see the lush jungle treetops and greenery covered cliffs that seemed to go on forever. The incredible lushness of the greenery never ceased to amaze me!

The Bamboo Forest...

Maui picture from the Pipiwai Trail as we explored the bamboo forest with our Hike Maui guide. Another highlight of our trip with Hike Maui on the Pipiwai Trail was the bamboo forest.

The bamboo forest was enormous, and stretched on as far as the eye could see.

Do you what really surprised me about bamboo? It's capable of growing to its full height in only 3-4 months!

Gorgeous Flowers...

Maui picture of an African Tulip along the Pipiwai Trail on our hike with Hike Maui. Here is a picture of my absolute favourite of all the flowers we saw in Maui: The African Tulip.

I just loved the combination of the rich red with the orange accents on their blooms. We saw numerous African Tulip trees throughout our day of hiking... we'd look up to see a gorgeous green canopy dotted with these stunning blooms above us!

A Wild Banyan Tree...

Maui picture of banyan tree along the Pipiwai Trail on our hike with Hike Maui. And of course, no jungle hike would be complete without coming across at least one banyan tree, and this one was no exception!

We just loved the way the light filtering through the jungle seemed to make this tree look like something out of a fantasy movie... so pretty!

Want to See All of This Like We Did?

You have 2 choices. If you're very budget conscious, or just prefer to go solo, you can definitely check out this trail on your own. It will cost you no more than the cost of gas to drive there, a picnic lunch and admission to the park.

However, if you think you'd enjoy learning all about the area's plants, wildlife, and history from an experienced guide like we did, then I highly recommend you consider going on this adventure with Hike Maui. You can get more information on this tour, available dates and pricing from Barefoot Tours. (Link will open in new window.)

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