The Best Beach For Us:
Little Makena (Little Beach Maui)

by Vicarious1
(Vancouver, Canada)

Pathway Down to Little Beach

Pathway Down to Little Beach

We like to sunbathe in our Adam suits, and snorkel like fish off Little Makena Beach, an official unofficial nude beach since forever. Nude is NOT mandatory though! There are plenty of live corals and it's like watching T.V.'s Discovery Channel once you dip your head under the water.

Big Beach, Maui is gorgeous also, if you can't dare stay on a nude beach.

If you have some spare change, here is your opportunity with this "Dream" home they showed today (May 6, 2011) for sale on the The View for US$ 22 million (pocket money:-)

On weekends at Little Makena Beach there are the best get-togethers with people from all over the island. The people dance, sing, drum, purify you with sage smoke do ballet on the beach and play ribbon games in the sunset. People bring their friendly pets. Its simply divine. I loved the real freedom of people from all over the world mingling there: families with kids, singles etc. I loved watching turtles swimming by, even the occasional seal visiting the beach, and everyone at peace. No hooligan drinkers or boom box crowds, and a guaranteed divine sunset facing you every evening.

JUST GO THERE YOU WILL NEVER EVER REGRET IT! It's a 15min drive from Kihei, or a 5 minute drive if you stay at some of the big 5-star hotels closer to the beach.

Tip: Bring all your food and drinks, since there is only one food-selling truck at the carpark, which is a 10 minute walk. There are public rest room facilities (you know the plastic ones) that I'd rather avoid in these temperatures.


You're definitely not alone in loving Little Beach, Maui. So many people are huge fans of that place!

I remember reading about that 22 million dollar property that you mentioned - I believe it was the one located at 6900 Makena Road. I had checked out some pics on the Maui MLS, and they were incredible! If anyone is curious, you can check out their fancy front gate below, courtesy of Google Maps. (Link will open in new window.) :)


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