"The Old Lahaina Luau, What Language are You Speaking" and "Coconut Monkey"

What Language Are You Speaking?

by Beth Ward
(Palestine, Texas, USA)

We went to the Old Lahaina Luau in Lahaina. We were so excited as this was our first Maui luau. We were greeted with a sweet smelling lei.

After walking around and viewing the pig that was cooking in the ground, and seeing all the other attractions we were interested in, we sat down at our table for eight. At one end was my brother, his wife, my husband and me. At the other end was a nice looking young couple, their child, and an older lady.

Being from Texas and having good manners instilled in me from birth I asked, "How are yall tonight?" The older lady asked, "What?" I repeated my question. She then asked,"What language are you speaking?" I immediately thought she was going to go into one of those tired old Texas jokes and I almost said,"Why, Texan, of course." Her daughter quickly said, "She is speaking English, Mom." The daughter then went on to explain that her mom was Italian and that was her primary language even though she had lived in Vancouver for a good number of years and could speak English. We all had a good laugh because we realized that all English speaking people do not understand the word "yall".

Hi Beth!

Thanks so much for sharing your story! I laughed out loud when I read it!

If I had been you at the Old Lahaina Luau, I would have assumed that everyone knew the word "yall" too... but I guess if English is one's second language, that isn't necessarily so!


Coconut Monkey

by Heather

My husband and I went to Maui with my brother and his girlfriend- it was their first time so we made sure to do all the "tourist" things with them, like a luau.

They were so excited, buying necklaces, flowers for the females' hair, everything to make the night "authentic."

My brother was so excited to buy a coconut monkey at the luau for he and his girlfriend... he thought by buying it he would always take a piece of a Maui coconut home to enjoy using on our cold Northwest Seattle nights.

So they bought the coconut monkeys and wanted their first sip from them to be recorded on film - so they tipped them back right by the beach and I snapped a picture... I then noticed a flashy gold sticker on the bottom of them... we looked and it said "Made in China." We all laughed so hard... :-) When people comment on them now at his house, he says oh yeah that was from a "chinese luau!" you should see the looks on people's faces...good times, good memories...

Hi Heather!

Heehee! I laughed when I read your story!

It reminded me of my own souvenir shopping in Maui.

It was at the end of our last Maui vacation, and I had my heart set on a mask as a souvenir. The one we found at the flea market ended up being imported from Indonesia! Oh well... hopefully next time I'll find myself a nice truly Hawaiian mask to add to our little collection! And hopefully you guys will have better luck at finding a truly Hawaiian souvenir next time as well!

Thanks so much for sharing your story!


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by: Bobbie K

I loved your story Beth, but you are such an awesome 'story-teller' always. You could write a book on 'the life of a homegrown East Texan'.

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