Baby Beach in Lahaina, Maui

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I assume you're here because you're looking for a Baby Beach in Lahaina for your little ones. 

Once I had kids of my own and started bringing them to Maui, I wanted to find it too - what's not to like, right? Calm sheltered water without the big waves that can give little kids such a scare? Sign me up!

Kids playing on the beach in Maui.

There are actually 2 of them and I'll give you the lowdown on both: which one is the BEST, directions, amenities (one of them has none!), and lots of photos so you'll know exactly what to expect.  

The first one is the biggest, and doesn't have a name as far as I can tell...

How to Get to the Nameless Beach

If you're driving north down Front Street, make a turn towards the ocean (makai) onto Ala Moana Street.  (Just north of the intersection, there is a church with a "Jesus Coming Soon" sign on the roof and a Snorkel Bob's right after that.)

Drive down Ala Moana for a bit and you'll see the Lahaina Jodo Mission on your left (pictured below), the Puupiha Cemetary to your right, and room for cars to park at the very end of the street.

Lahaina Jodo Mission on Maui

You'll see the sandy shoreline right there.

Kids playing on Baby Beach in Lahaina

Head to your left, past several local homes backing onto the beach, until you find a nice spot to settle in.

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Houses behind the beach.

There is a lava rock wall quite a ways out from shore that blocks the waves, leaving super calm water.

Relaxing on Baby Beach in Lahaina.

The Downsides of This Spot

There are absolutely no amenities here.  No restrooms.  No showers.

So, if you go, be prepared to use your towels to wipe off all the sand before you hop back into your rental car.  Also, be sure to make a trip to a restroom before you head out here.

Now I don't know about you, but my kids are prone to needing to pee on a moment's notice.  So, for that reason, my first choice Baby Beach in Lahaina is this next one...

The Best Baby Beach in Lahaina, Maui

Launiupoko Baby Beach in Lahaina, Maui

The best one is just outside of town in Launiupoko Beach Park. 

Unlike the other, this one comes equipped with restrooms, showers to rinse the sand off, plus picnic tables and BBQ's.  It's not fancy, but it'll do the trick.

Picnic area at Launiupoko Beach Park

Now the sheltered portion of beach isn't nearly as big, and it isn't right in town like the first option but in my book, the amenities more than make up for the 5 minute drive to get here!

How to Get to the Best Baby Beach in Lahaina

Launiupoko Beach Park Maui

To get here, just head south out of town, down the Honoapiilani Highway until you see the intersection with Kai Hele Ku Street (there is a set of traffic lights here) - the beach will be to your right.  It's only about 2 miles away from the center of town. 


View in a larger map.

One of the Most Beautiful Baby Beaches on Maui

Baldwin Baby Beach

I always like to check out lots of different beaches on my Maui vacations, so, in that spirit, here is another option for you, which just so happens to be an extra special kind of beautiful!

Most sources give the worst possible directions for getting here (hint: it involves a long walk that no parent of small children would ever want to bring them on.) 

Luckily, I found a MUCH better way that will save you loads of time and trouble. (And it'll work even with kids along... which is kind of the point of going to a beach like this anyhow, right?).

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